Sandi Clark

Sandi Clark has led an interesting life, merging two careers that seem on the surface to not relate, but in fact make her art what it is today. With a mind for detail, working with her hands has always been something she was driven to do. Her first career path found her starting and then owning some eleven dental labs in California in which she had hands on experience with the accurate sculpting of fine detail dental work that goes into constructing porcelain teeth. She was very successful, so much that she was able to retire at the age of 40 to pursue more artistic endeavors. During the next several years Sandi traveled extensively throughout the world. She always took the opportunity to visit the finest museums and galleries to expand her knowledge of both the great sculptors of history and modern day contemporaries. She found inspiration in New Mexico and settled in Santa Fe where her sculpting career was born. Her focused passion for sculpting drove her to study diligently with some of the top artists in her newly chosen field. Foremost, Lincoln Fox, a highly respected sculptor, became a major influence on Sandi's work. She gained a strong understanding of anatomy and form from Mr. Fox's comprehensive workshops. Her passion to sculpt in a realistic style is always demanding perfection, Whether the subject be a child playing or a life size adult, her love is the thrill of depicting the human form as it relates to the world around it. She took comprehensive workshops with Dan Ostermiller, where her understanding of anatomy, the figure, and composition were continued to be perfected. Constantly seeking to expand and improve on her gifted skills, she continues to study with other prominent figure sculptors such as Jane Dedecker and Jo Saylor, who both specialize in children and George Lundeen, who works with primarily adult figures. She has also done some collaborative work with marine life sculptor Dale Zarella at his studio in Hawaii. Sandi's natural talent combined with her attention to detail has captured the eyes of many collectors and top galleries in the country. In the early 1990s she began accepting representation, and she now shows at galleries in several states including Colorado, Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico. Sandi Clark has completed over 66 pieces so far in the relatively short period of her second career, most which are life size. Her work now consists of meticulously accurate depiction's in bronze of adults, children, animals and fountains. She has completed many prestigious commissions.