Harold Kraus 

February 18th 

We are excited to present the Artistic World of Harold Kraus with bright new works to welcome the new year!  Harolds eclectic subject matter and color-filled compositions will make you smile!         

1-5 pm

Robert Hagan 

March 18th

Translating scenes of everyday life into nostalgic and blissfully peaceful visions of the world, Robert Hagan has become a premier western artist of our time. A man of many talents his impressionistic style using a limited palette of oil brings a sense of tranquility that make his paintings come alive. Join us as we celebrate Australian Artist, Robert Hagan, with a collection of paintings featured in his new book, The Art and Adventures of Robert Hagan, Saturday, March 18th, from 1 to 5 pm.  

1-5 pm

The Best of Texas  

April TBD 

Stop by the gallery and experience new paintings by the best bluebonnet painters that will take you across the Lone Star State.      

1-5 pm