Saturday, February 16th

Jun Hao - "A Journey Through the Seasons"

Capturing the essence of Spring and the tranquility of Fall, join us as local artist Jun Hao shares his refined technique with all of North Dallas!

Exhibition continues through March.

1-5 pm

Saturday, March 23rd

W.A. Slaughter Vintage Collection

As Winter comes to an end, there is an excitement for the anticipation of Spring. Slaughter's distinctive compositinos painstakingly recorded the stunning seasons beaming with color. For over 50 years no one has catured the Texas Hill Country's spectacular beauty more masterfully than W.A. Slaughter. This endering collections of works encompasses all the seasons and speaks to all generations.

1-5 pm

April 20th

Cities of the World

From the West Coast to the most famous European cities... Come by the gallery Saturday, April 20th from 1 to 5 pm and travel the world through Art. Experience the best cityscapes by our most talented artists: Sorin Sorin, John Cook, Jesus Navarro, Oleg Turchin, Bogomir Bogdanovic, Mark Pettit, Kent Wallis, Don Sahli and turn of the Century French Artists..

Showcased through May 18th.

1-5 pm