Gracielo Corzo

Born in Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentina, Corzo grew up in a family of artists, and began painting practically before she could talk. Unusually gifted, she began her professional career at the early age of fifteen. An art major in high school, Corzo continued her studies at Santa Monica City College, and privately with her father, Mauro Hernandez, internationally known artist. Corzo paints with the flavor and style of the impressionists, yet with the freedom and love of life of modern youth. The result is a highly successful form of art that most people can recognize, appreciate, and relate to. The inspirations for Corzo's paintings come from the world around her - people, plants, trees, building, new and historic. Within these settings there are often acutely observed, and poetically noted ''incidents'' with humanity (Children and Adults), playing unrehearsed. Corzo has enjoyed an uninterrupted rise in prestige and fame since those early beginnings. Of the many young artists of her day, her success and acceptance in the world of art is indeed a phenomenon. Although Corzo's home is in Southern California, she and her family travel about the world at least three months of the year, where she sketches, paints and photographs the people and places she visits.