Jonathan Hardesty

Born in Dallas, TX in 1980, Jonathan’s first artistic endeavor began at the University of Pennsylvania where he started basic drawing and figure drawing courses. At the age of 23, his drive for more rigorous and traditional training led him to apply to the classical realist atelier, Pantura Studios, to study under masters Hans-Peter Szameit and Sanna Tomac. After studying for nearly three years, Jonathan and his wife moved to Texas where he began building his body of work and honing his skills. In addition, he is teaching traditional atelier methods to a small group of committed and talented students in his private studio. Scottsdale Artist School - Full tuition scholarship to advanced professional juried workshop (given by William Whitaker) Art Renewal Center 2007 Salon Finalist - Top 100 of “Still Life” category. 1st place at the 13th Annual Gulf Coast National Exhibit - juror: Johnnie Lilledahl