An He

An He is an exceptional artist, whose special talent lies in the field of portraiture and landscape. He combines a traditional Chinese love of nature with the style of French Impressionism. An he was born in 1957 in Guangzhou, China. Gaining an appreciation for Art at an early age from his father, a highly respected artist and professor in Guangzhou. He studied at the Fine Arts College of Canton, one of the top Art academies in China, and graduated in 1981. At the age of 24, and still a student, He was invited to join the All-China Artist Association and became the youngest member ever chosen. Since then, his paintings have been widely exhibited in many cities throughout China. He has won several national Art Excellence awards in China. Three of his works have been purchased by the Chinese government for the permanent collection on display in the National Fine Arts Museum in Beijing. Having gained a national reputation, he has had many of his works reproduced in many publications and has been commissioned to do hundreds of book covers and illustrations. An He came to the United States in 1985, making his permanent home in San Francisco. His admiration and respect for women has become his main subject matter after arriving in America. He embraces a figurative style married with lyrical compositions of stunning ladies, capturing them in a thoughtful moment. An He’s celebration of the female spirit is revealed through a richly expressive palette, where his figures are surrounded by warmth and color. Ballet themes and musical instruments appear in his compositions as well. He has become one of the most sought after artist in the country for his romantic paintings that are always breathtaking and timeless.