Harold Kraus

Harold Kraus was born in the United States in the mid 1940s of German parents. Kraus’s father was an artist and started his son painting at an early age. As an adult, Kraus settled in Tennessee where he still lives today, and has had numerous one-man shows. He has recently begun showing on an international level. “I call myself a ‘colorist.’ All my life, I have been fascinated by the various properties of color. Many people live lives starved of color. It seems as if they are intimidated by it, so they surround themselves with ‘safe’ neutrals like gray or beige. My paintings aspire to fill this color void. I think the most frequent remark I hear about my paintings is, ‘I love his colors!’” Kraus’s fascination with variances in light is reflected in his work by his stunning use of color. His paintings are executed in an impressionistic style with strong tendencies toward expressionism. Happiness is a recurring theme, whether displayed by his use of color or in the settings of his subjects. The intention is to rekindle pleasant memories. “As a colorist, I am free to pursue any subject, but I prefer themes associated with happiness; the beach, circus, or vacation holiday certainly bring back many happy memories for most of us. In a world often filled with sadness, I find joy in sunlight. It makes the colors sing!”