Fran Di Giacomo

Striving to establish her career in art, Fran Di Giacomo found herself most excited by the techniques and concepts of the Dutch masters. ''I focused on seeking out living masters to study with. Perfecting the drama of light, shadow, and mystery has been a constant theme. Fad and fashion will ebb and flow, but classical realism is endless and enduring.'' In 1982, Di Giacomo took the next step in her life's dream and picked up the brushes full-time. She now paints an average of ten hours every day, using both Northern and artificial light to keep up with the demand for her paintings. To test a painting for the drama she seeks, Di Giacomo literally turns out the light. ''A painting must glow in the dark and then I know it's finished. In a client's home, the light from sun up to bedtime is constantly changing. My paintings take on a different personality with each lighting condition. But in every situation, the drama must be there.'' Di Giacomo and her husband travel extensively in search of inspiration and artifacts for her paintings. One painting may have a tapestry from Afghanistan, a teapot from Morocco, French Sevres, Egyptian copper, flowers from her garden, and carefully selected fruit from the local supermarket - all resting on a stone table found in a castle in Portugal! Collectors worldwide enjoy the effort that goes into each painting. In today's fast paced world, our senses are constantly assaulted by the noisy, the vulgar, the grotesque, the avant-garde. When you behold a Fran Di Giacomo painting you return to the world of quiet elegance.