Tony Wang

Born in 1974 at Henan, China, artist Jiayin Wang began demonstrating his artistic talent at the early age of 9 years old. His father, master artist Mr. Xinsheng Wang, started instructing him early with drawings and paintings. At the age of 16 Jiayin entered the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown Henan. At the age of 20 he and his family moved to Houston, Texas where he continued his artistic study with his father. Artist Jiayin has a passion for capturing contemplative moments in the art form. His painting brush strokes sculpt the excitement, tempo, timeliness and spaciousness unto each canvas. At the age of 24, artist Jiayin had his first One-man “Painting of the Light”, show in Houston, Texas. Thereafter, with each shows resulting in dramatic sales, artist Jiayin continues his life as a professional artist. Currently, Jiayin Wang is selected top ten most influential young artist in China.