Robert A. Fobear

Artist Robert A. Fobear is very much at home while hiking, camping, and photographing the woodlands, marshes, and mountains of this country. His love for nature and its wildlife stem from his youth, having grown up in Michigan, a state full of outdoor life and activities. “I see God’s creativity in nature with a great sense of clarity and appreciation and wish to bring the viewer into this realm through my paintings as a Fine artist.” Fobear’s passion for painting is just that... it is not found in subject alone...however important, but must be evident in the execution of the painting itself. As an artist and illustrator for over 40 years, he’s painted many subjects: florals, landscapes, seacapes, portraits, and wildlife and finds that always the passion is found through accomplishing a degree of mastery in the handling of subject matter, composition, and a developed confidence with the medium in hand. Robert now devotes the majority of his time painting wildlife and enjoying the awesome beauty that nature has to offer and now resides in Whitney, Texas. He continues to be part of the world of find art through representation by galleries, art shows, teaching, and painting by commission for private collectors. After 8 years in the vast and impressive state, he feels that he can call it home. “I’m not quite a cowboy yet but I’ve fallen for the beauty found in this vastly diverse Southwestern State, as well as its wildlife and look forward to many years ahead, hiking and painting its beauty.” Robert Fobear Southwest