Robert L. Hunt

After graduating from Penn State with an engineering degree in 1963 Hunt worked in the aerospace industry and then his own businesses for 26 years. As a self-taught artist, during that time he continously enjoyed oil painting as an avocation. In 1989 his wife Beverly encouraged him to turn his creative efforts into a full time living as a professional painter working in oil on canvas. Nearly 20 years later, Robert is enjoying national recognition as a representational historic artist working in the realism style. Subjects are thoroughly researched for accuracy using resources such as the National Archives in Washington DC as well as other trusted sources. Aside from offering the original canvases for sale, he publishes his paintings as lithographs and canvas reproductions, both as limited editions. He has done, and still accepts, private commission work for individuals, governmental agencies, and institutions. Robert says, "I enjoy history, so all of my artistic energy is directed toward the preservation of our country's history using oil paints on stretched canvas. Giving future generations a visual reference of out progression as a nation through a representational style of art is important to me." Robert's sense of history and the impact it carries upon life reflects everywhere in his work. He adds, "Specifically, my railroad paintings offer the viewer scenes of railroad companies that no longer exist and engines that are no longer used. My paintings of early American history display scenes of personal relationships during difficult times. For instance, the American Civil War may bring to mind combat images to most artists, but for myself I see a husband saying goodbye to his wife, exhausted confederate veteran soldiers wondering when the war will end." History is our connection to the past and the path that has led us to where we are now. Robert Hunt's artwork is a beautiful way to visualize some of America's history much as it appeared to those who lived it. He welcomes you to browse this website to enjoy his visions of the past.