Mark Pettit

An intense childhood interest in drawing and painting gave Mark Pettit an early start in the pursuit of becoming an artist, but there was little in his early efforts to suggest that he would attain his current level of success so early in his career. By devoting his efforts to fine art, Pettit, a native of Texas, was able to study privately with notable artists who influenced his direction and techniques. He went on to study at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, Maryland, a school devoted to the teachings of Jaques Maroger, author of “The Secret Formulas and Techniques of the Old Masters.” Maroger was a restorer at the Louvre and painting theoretician who developed a rich luminous medium similar to that used by the 17th century Flemish Masters. The painstaking procedure consists of making black oil and mastic varnish and grinding raw pigments combined with the use of linen canvas primed with white lead. Pettit feels this classic training has been invaluable to his ability to achieve a paint quality and luminosity rarely seen in today’s art. The primary subject of Pettit’s oils is panoramic Italian and American landscapes. Combining his style with that of the Flemish painters and utilizing custom mediums to create vast dimensions, he brings the great outdoors inside with sensitivity and skill. He demonstrates a unique link between classic and modern in both his landscapes and still life paintings. Pettit has sold out one-man and group exhibitions and has received national recognition with open and limited edition prints. His paintings are represented by several prestigious art galleries and his work is in constant demand by some of the most discriminating art collectors in the country. Mark Pettit currently lives in Colorado, and he finds the Rocky Mountains an inspirational atmosphere in which to live and work. He paints the outdoors whenever possible for he feels the direct relationship with nature is the most important element in an artist’s learning process and evokes the greatest emotion and desire to create.