R. W. Hedge

Paintings by R.W. Hedge are in some of the finest collections nationwide. Being totally self-taught, he has developed a unique and exciting style that continues to capture the attention of art lovers everywhere. Painting with a passion for the beautiful, natural wonders of America, Hedge’s originals portray the pristine wilderness we all wish to preserve. Imagine standing a short distance from an ancient ledge, gazing across the awesome span of the canyon, marveled by its size. When you look closely, you can see the cracks in the banded layers of the distant rim. Peering below, you might begin to count the bushy little trees on the earthen slopes, as far away as they may be. You can see the fallen boulders that, for now, are at rest, each in its own place, bearing colors that are compatible with the stony walls that bore them. "I paint things the way they look when I'm actually there. If I can see it, it's in the painting." If you ask R.W. Hedge when he became an artist, he'll probably say he doesn't remember. Even as a small child he spent serious time with pencils, markers, and crayons. At age 15, for his birthday, his father bought him some canvas and oil paints. In R.W.'s words, ''If there is a genie, my dad is the one that let him out of the bottle.'' R.W. Hedge was born in Tyler, Texas, on June 5, 1954. He makes his home in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, but has traveled extensively and lived in other states such as Arizona and Colorado to gain knowledge and inspiration for his works. Though he appreciates all mediums, R.W. has devoted his talent to painting originals in oils, what he calls ''real paintings.'' He studies the details of his subjects for accuracy, and combines that with the atmosphere and feeling of being there in person. ''Sometimes I'm tempted to 'back off’ on the color a little bit, you know, I want the painting to be believable. But I do have to be true to myself.'' R.W. refers to the breathtaking places in America as ''God's best work,'' and paints them at their precise moment of perfection, when the contrast and colors are most inviting.