Henry Peeters

Henry Peeters was born in China in 1953. Peeters has been known to capture the texture, light, and colors all in his impressionist paintings. His primary subject of landscape scenes are delicately palette knifed onto the canvas. This technique adds a rich depth to his paintings. His technique of using a palette knife instead of the normal brush brings a new uniqueness to his canvas paintings that draw the viewer in to examine the built-up levels/layers of paint on the painting. Peeters provides all of us a refreshing vision of the landscapes of the world from the flowers and foliage, to the sparse flatness of the light blue sky. Peeters is apart from the modern impressionists with his unique handling of the lights and shadows of his paintings. Throughout his compositions, there is an evident reflection of his achievement and ability with color. With his subjects coming from both eastern and western cultures, Peeters provides everyone new insight into a foreign place. This gives us a look into the world that we all live in while simultaneously creating a relaxing environment. Peeters paints mostly through memory and emotion, creating detailed landscape paintings that take you away to another world. These landscapes can only be visited in the mind because they are a mixture of the imaginary and the real.