Armando Romano

In 1953, Italian artist Armando Romano was born in the beautiful city of Naples. Apart from works of his native Naples, Armando is principally regarded for capturing the unique spirit of Venice and Tuscany, scenes of which he magically captures in oil paint on small canvasses. Each painting depicts a little vignette of Venetian life or a small corner in a Tuscan village. Intimate snapshots in time, charmingly reminiscent of this region’s warm Italian heritage. Armando’s work is deeply rich in mature coloration, with fine detail captured magnificently through his skilled use of light. Armando Romano is a highly regarded painter with a long and distinguished artistic career. He has exhibited throughout the world with principal shows in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, South America, and in his Italian homeland. Many people find Armando’s work exquisitely reminiscent of their Italian travels. His paintings capture the very spirit of the places visited and remind those lucky enough to acquire his paintings, of their heartfelt love of this special corner of Italy.