Mark Whitmarsh

Born in Denver, Colorado, Mark Whitmarsh studied art at the University of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design in Denver. “As I build layers of color, a personal iconography evolves on the painted surface. I’m interested in a surface that has a rich patina with a modern ancestry. By adding and subtracting layers, a genesis over time is revealed.” Working on paper or canvas and using mixed mediums such as oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, Mark is free to explore light, color and space. He creates a certain mood that he has seen or felt by the seemingly chance placement of shape and color relationships that excite the eye. “I enjoy discovery through painting ... for me this is why I am an artist. My desire is to translate the discoveries in my work, in order to share with others. Painting for me is perfect self expression.” Mark’s work has been featured in various publications including Art in America, ArtNet Encyclopedia of Living Artists, the Dallas Observer and Southwest Art Magazine.