Patricia Pepin

Self-taught, artist Patricia Pepin was born in Quebec in 1964. She never studied art or planned to become an artist; it was just "a happy accident," and over the years, her career has evolved. At the age of nine, she began painting with oils. In her late teens and early twenties, Pepin groomed horses, and because she grew so fond of them, they became her favorite subjects to paint. She later etched portraits on funeral monuments before she turned to paint full-time. In 1996, her career as a wildlife artist began. Having since spent countless hours observing nature, she has honed her finely tuned powers of observation. This is evidenced by her inclusion of details such as the expression in the eyes of her wildlife subjects. Intrigued by the effect of light and shadows, Pepin also loves to paint water plants and their reflections. "I try to do whatever comes naturally and not think too much about the style or technique," she observes. Fascinated by the luminosity of color, she notes that her palette is becoming more monochromatic and harmonious. Pepin believes that the ability to see color is like the ability to see perspective: "I studied color, but now I try to paint what I see and what I feel. I'm a perfectionist — I don't think about what's wrong or right. I follow my instincts. If it feels good, it's the right way for me." A member of the Society of Animal Artists, Pepin has exhibited in the prestigious "Birds in Art" Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI, and the Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont. She has also illustrated a Quebec Wildlife Habitat Conservation stamp.