Robert Wood

Robert Wood was born in 1889 on the south coast of England, in Sandgate, not far from the White Cliffs of Dover. His father, W.J. Wood, was a famous Victorian painter and recognizing his unusual talent, sent Robert to art school in Folkstone at the age of twelve. Robert attended for seven years and won four First Place awards and three Second Place awards, one award each year, a record at the time. Wood was young when he came to North America to study the people and landscapes as he traveled throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. He constantly painted the many beautiful scenes and landscapes of his newly adopted land. The first dealer to be attracted by the artist’s work bought the entire showing. From that time on, there has been a continued demand for his landscapes, rugged mountain scenes, and pastoral studies. Traveling to Carmel, he began painting marine scenes and moved to Laguna Beach a short time later. There, he continued painting his marines and sunsets for which he became world-famous. As a prolific artist, Wood found America to be an unending source of inspiration. His contribution to art has been based on the excellence of his work as well as the number of canvases bearing his famous signature. He was America’s most popular artist, having painted constantly for nearly sixty years. The art world honored him by reproducing more of his paintings than any artist living or in that past, including the old masters. Robert Wood’s paintings reflect his personality in the warm glowing colors of his landscapes and sunsets. His paintings are a constant source of enjoyment to the lucky purchaser as well as a wonderful investment.