Lynwood Bennett

Lynwood’s interest in art began early. As a youngster growing up in the Austin area, he was constantly drawing and was considered to be the “class artist.” Although he didn't pursue fine art until later in life; he was inspired, no doubt, by the country side in which he was raised. His education encompasses four years of industrial arts at Southwest Texas State University, two years at the Texas Tech University school of Architecture and two years studying Advertising Art Design at San Antonio College. While his chosen profession was graphic arts, including Bennett Graphics Design Studio in Dallas that served him well for many years, it was fine art that was his true passion. Vocational pressures prevented Lyn from pursuing fine art until 1991, when he decided to attend a workshop on basic oil painting. During the ensuing years, encouragement from family and friends eased the transition from pleasure to passion. In 2003 Lyn was fortunate enough to paint with Al Moore, a well known western landscape artist. Lyn says, “The association had has an important impact on my work. Al introduced me to acrylics. The faster pace that acrylics offer seem symbiotic with the pulse of my creativity, allowing me to best express what I feel in a work. Although oils will always be a part of my work, acrylics will dominate for the foreseeable future.” Lyn participated in many art competitions and jurored shows throughout the country and has won several awards and Honorable Mentions. He is active in the Boerne Area Artist Association and is a member of The International Society of Acrylic Painters.