D. R. Parker

D.R. Parker was born July 30, 1940, in Amarillo, Texas. He has lived his whole life in this Texas Panhandle city, and knows well the surrounding areas, including New Mexico and Arizona. His portrayals are deeply felt and transferred by oils for others to enjoy. Parker is self-taught, with no formal training, and painting has been his way of life for many years. He uses the Flemish style of painting - transparent glazes and over painting - in all of his work. The gesso is carefully prepared and applied to masonite using at least thirteen coats and sanding between each one. Many of his pieces have as many as fifteen glazes in specific area. Parker personally mixes his own paint medium in order to achieve the soft subtle finish that he prefers. Parker’s western portrayals have been selected by many galleries in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona - and are vastly increasing in popularity throughout the West and Southwest. His work is indeed unique.