Cal Gaspard

Cal Gaspard is a self-taught artist with a technique that reflects the memories of his rural youth. After twenty-five years on a farm in Louisiana, Gaspard moved to Texas, where he nurtured and developed the skills of his art. From his childhood he was continuously sketching the scenes of his life but he only began taking his art seriously in 1968 when he sold three of his paintings from a sidewalk exhibition. Since then his reputation as a wildlife and landscape artist has mushroomed. Primarily working in oil, Gaspard brings to canvas a precise glimpse of a frozen moment in the outdoors. Whether it's a rise of mallards or brief breeze across the tops of bluebonnets, he captures the indelible image with meticulous strokes long perfected through patience, discipline and dedication. The rapture of our environment is presented by Gaspard with a softness of color and light enhanced by the vividness of emotion: It is a style colored by his mentor, artist A. D. Greer. His works have been featured in Southwest Art magazine, and are regularly exhibited by Park Crest Galleries, Austin; Southwest Galleries, Dallas; Pace Setters Gallery, Uvalde; and Linda's Gallery, Dayton. He has attended various painting seminars, including an invitational conducted at the Cowboy Artist of America Museum, Kerrville, Texas. His waterfowl paintings have been repeatedly selected to be featured as publication covers at Ducks Unlimited auctions throughout the states by numerous fine art collectors throughout the United States.