Roberto Lupetti

Roberto Lupetti graduated at the age of eighteen from Brera Liceo Artistico in Milan, Italy, and then went on to win honors from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The degree of Professor of Fine Arts, which he earned, has stood him in good stead through the years, first in his native land, and later in his adopted one. In Milan, he helped restore the famed La Scala Opera House, and in Rome he earned the right to help in the restoration of the Masters' Works in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. In 1946, Roberto came to America under the sponsorship of world famous Arturo Toscanini. A painting he did of the maestro was purchased by the San Francisco Art Commission. Portraits of some Hollywood greats were followed by several years of painting monumental projects on the ceilings of San Francisco and San Jose Cathedrals and other edifices of the Catholic and Greek Church. In recent years, Lupetti has given full play to his mastery of classic realism, which he sees as truth and beauty. Of this, Al Aaron, his mentor and friend for over 20 years notes, "The clarity of detail and harmonious composition of Lupettiā€™s paintings reflect the thorough training of the classical school, while the dramatic play of lights and shadows are more expressive of the brilliance of his character. When I look at Roberto's paintings, I always feel a deep sense of security and truth in the perfection of detail and beauty seen through his eyes." Roberto Lupetti's artwork is recognized by seasoned artists, connoisseurs, and even the untrained eye. He is an excellent draftsman, a superb colorist, and a perfectionist striving for detail and harmonious composition. Each painting is exquisitely executed and literally breaths air and light.