Carol Durrum

A late bloomer to the art world, Carol A. Durrum did not start painting until her late 30’s. Trying to find something to fill the void after her children were grown, she discovered her passion for paint when her husband gave her a beginner’s art set for Christmas. She says, “From the first time I opened a tube of oil paint I was hooked!” Transitioning from a new artist to a refined painter, she started to use her small town resources like community college to advance her skill. Saturating even more of her talent and passion into the art atmosphere, she became involved in the Mt. Pleasent Art Society(MPAS) and participated in workshops taught by renowned artists such as David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Xiang Zhang, and Greg Kreutz. Carol prefers painting from life and rarely relies on photos. Although her primary focus is still life subjects, she also loves landscapes, portraits, and the occasional abstract. Carol classifies her painting style as somewhere between realism and impressionism and always enjoys the process of watching a painting come to life. She says, “The beauty of everyday life inspires me.” Not only does she enjoy her long hours of creating, but she also loves to set up a still life with beauty and a pleasing composition. Currently, Carol is serving as the president of MPAS and is very proud of the quality and the collaboration of over 70 artist that are part of the society. She has exhibited one person shows through Franklin County TX, Arts alliance and at the Willow Oak Art Center in Mt. Pleasant, TX. Carol currently displays here at Southwest Gallery The Frame Up in Mt. Vernon, TX, Jo’s Antiques and Willow Oak Art Center and at my studio in Mt. Pleasant, TX. Carol A. Durrum is a devoted artist and states, “I relish every aspect of painting from the beginning concept to the actual mixing and applying of paint to canvas. It is truly my passion.”