Mark P. Williamson

Born in Houston, Texas, Mark Williamson now resides and sculpts in Dallas. While he has chosen Texas as his home, he has studied art and sculpture all over the world. Williamson attended the Dickenson College Art Program where he studied design, composition and form, life drawing, and sculpture for two years. After this, he packed up and headed to Pietrasanta, Italy where he studied marble sculpting. His world travels continued as he made his way to Barcelona, Spain and began studying stone sculpturing philosophy and techniques at the studio compound of stone sculptor Xavier Corbero. He tied up his world travels and returned back to Texas where he took an apprenticeship with the known granite sculptor, Jesus Moroles of Rockport, Texas. Williamsons work brings an updated perspective to stone sculpture. He uses many mediums from granite to everyday straws in order to create his masterpieces. Mark has been quoted as saying ”The physical challenges as well as the perspectives and psychological possibilities that are unique to Three-dimensional work, invigorate me.” This invigoration he feels during his creation process makes a permeate stamp on each and every piece. As the viewer you feels a sense of the passion that Mark interjects on his work. He has been collected by many in the United States from Mike Modano to Steve and Katherine Kennedy.