C. B. "Buck" Mahaney

One has only to spend a few moments with Buck Mahaney to realize he is a true renaissance man. Born March 15, 1941, Buck has spent most of his adulthood living a free lifestyle to the envy of most city dwellers. Buck lives on several acres in Parker, Texas, a rural community north of Dallas, just around the corner from South Fork Ranch. The cedar, glass, and stone home he built houses his studio which is itself a haven from the hectic world outside; filled with memorabilia, trophies, and artifacts. A man's room where friends spend comfortable hours in front of the big stone fireplace listening to his stories and enjoying his art. But it wasn't always this way. Having the good fortune of owning a successful family business, Mahaney as a young man traveled around the world: big game hunting in Africa, bow hunting in the Amazon basin, fishing, and hunting from Old Mexico to Canada and Alaska. Buck has an excellent eye and is known for his outstanding shooting ability with both a gun and bow. When he was in his thirties he began to use that outstanding hand-eye coordination as an artist. He began painting and sketching. It was not long before Buck's real talent took hold and he began fashioning fine art bronzes in the old west tradition. Although he kept an active interest in art over the last twenty-five years, it has only been in the last few that Buck has been able to divest himself from his various business activities to focus all his attention toward his sculpture, resulting in some of the finest original works available today.