Willi Bauer

For the last twenty years Willi Bauer has been reminding us of the richness and warmth of the German landscape. He has developed a magical technique, all his own, but in the tradition of such great German Master as Otto Pippel. Like a magnet, people are attracted to the vibrancy of Willi Bauer's colors and the passionate technique of his brushstrokes. If one appreciates Willi Bauer's art, one must at least ask two questions: How can we describe his style and how do we place his name in the history of world art? Whereas his roots are German, his style is one of international acceptability. His painting technique is a transition between rich impressionism and controlled expressionism. The brush strokes are handled in complete control to achieve the desired effect: namely, the effect of light itself. This light that shines comes from the artist's own creativity and imagination. It shines on those subjects dearest to the artist's heart: the people of Germany in the cafe gardens and flower markets, enjoying their way of life, in the rich beauty of their surroundings, involved in the traditional customs of their society; the strong Alps, the backbone of a strong people; the cold white winter; the house that stands alone; the reflections on a glassy lake. In these lmages of German life are passions universal to all of us: the love of our surroundings and personal way of life. The images that Willi Bauer has created leave strong impressions that we can all love and always remember through his paintings. The American Art world has appreciated Willi Bauer's work for over twenty years. His paintings have established themselves permanently in the hearts of the American art lover and can be found in many of the important galleries dealing with traditional paintings. Their stature among fine paintings is of significant importance. Willi Bauer's paintings will be passed on from generation to generation and Willi Bauer will be remembered as someone special in the history of art.