Omar “Malva” Hamdi was born in 1951 in Al-Hasakah, Syria. Malva is a born Kurdistan and his soul is torn between his deep sense of aesthetics and his passionate feeling for his religion and his people. His artistic expression is thus torn between his ability to declare his passion through abstract art and his deep desire for a better and more beautiful world through his impressionistic art. Malva's impressionistic art to most people is on the surface easier to understand, but its significance is not to be understated! Malva's passion for life and the world he can see and touch around him is exposed in two ways. Malva has the most unique sense of color and the relationship between various tones, hues, and intensities of colors of any artist living today. Malva has an almost fearless approach to the use of color, inserting any color any place on a painting for the purpose of announcing his feelings, and yet it is all uncontrived. It is purely from the soul and it must be received this way by the viewer. Malva's place in history is permanently marked by talents only he possesses in our time. He is an initiator, not a follower. He leads and influences just as he draws from the past. Malva takes us into an age when impressionism, the most beloved epoch of art history, can progress into our modern times, refreshed by Malva's inventions and unique ideas.