Lucien Delarue

Lucien Delarue was born in Paris on November 10, 1925. At a very early age, he participated in many art exhibitions and was met with instant success. He is known internationally as an artist who faithfully captures the romantic moods of Paris. His famous subject of the ''Rooftops of Montmarte,'' along with other Paris scenes, compliment his romantic renderings of the South of France. The harbors of Nice, St. Tropez, Villefranche, together with his idyllic scenes of Eze, are only part of his repertoire. Delarue holds an impressive list of medals - gold, silver, and bronze. He is a member of the French Watercolor Society and his works can be found in the Museum of Ile de France in the Chateau of Sceauz. The municipalities of Clichy and Paris have purchased his works. Today he is certainly one of the most well-known artists in France. His style and colors are instantly recognizable and collectors seem to have an insatiable appetite for his work.