Christian Jereczek

Artist Christian Jereczek was born in Berlin, Germany, on November 11, 1935. The years of war that followed kept him from getting any early artistic training as a child. While a young man, Jereczek’s first career was as a stonemason when he helped rebuild a destroyed nation. While working as a stonemason, Jereczek began to realize his talent as a sculptor, and entered the Art Academy in Berlin. There he studied under Professors Heinz Drake, Max Worner, and Theo Balden. Later he took private instructions in Frankfurt am Main from the noted Professor Eugen von Warun-Sekret. His studies in the various styles of the European Masters continued at the Academy Keiw in Paris, and the Art Academies in Munich and Dusseldorf. Jereczek has traveled extensively to the major art centers of Europe, attending the International Summer Academy in Salzburg conducted by the Austrian Master, Oskar Kokoschka. His beautiful paintings of the flower markets of Europe - Amsterdam, Paris, Verona (Italy), and the flower fields of Spain, Yugoslavia, and Mallorca, place him among the premier colorists in Europe. His female figures and ballet dancers reveal a sensitive touch, characteristic of one influenced by the Master Artists of all Europe.