Xinsheng Wang

The world-renowned Chinese-American Artist Xinsheng Wang was born in 1949. Influenced by a family of professional artists, Wang inherited the gift of art from his parents. Because of his excelled ability, Wang was chosen to learn painting from the legendary Eastern artist Monk Chen Jintang at the tender age of six. He became a professional artist after he earned his bachelor’s degree. Wang’s artistic creativity leaped and bounded after he immigrated to Houston, Texas in 1993. Blending his Asian aesthetics with techniques steeped in European genres, he creates a world-unique “Wang” painting style. His works are full of excitement, enhanced by the vibrant colors and enriched with textures that stem from the impressionist’s unique approach. The “Wang” style creates a kingdom of painting without limitations, but with a combination of Western realism, Chinese freehand, Russian critical realist style, and the rebellious spirit of modern painting. His paintings emanate light and wisdom, that reflects his interpretation of the world and of his life philosophy by using both painting brushes and palette knives. This unique style attracts many professional artists worldwide learn under Master Wang. Master Xinsheng Wang is currently ranked as the second most famous contemporary Chinese oil painting artist. He received numerous awards and honors that include the Harvard University Art Life Award with a special Congressional Recognition, and the American Flag flown over The Unites States Capitol, honoring him as World Renowned Master of Art, by Congress. His solo shows are spread out globally, ranging from the United States, China and Taiwan. His works are collected by museums and are published in many countries, with a high potential for increasing values. One of Xinsheng Wang’s many works, “Tibetan Boy”, attained the second highest hammer price at the day auction of November 22, at RMB 1,288,000 (about $200,000 USD) in the 2009 Fall Poly International Auction. Master Xinsheng Wang is a great contributor to education and a positive influence to local communities. In the last 15 years, over 3,000 students have graduated from the Xinsheng Wang Art School in Houston, Texas. Many of his students have won gold medals in a number of national and international young artist competitions. Former Houston Mayor Bill White announced March 15, 2004 as Xinsheng Wang Day of Houston for Wang’s artistic achievements and his contribution to art education in the local communities. Former Mayor Lee Brown named artist Xinsheng Wang Honorary Citizen and Goodwill Ambassador. Master Xinsheng Wang’s next large-scale solo exhibition will be held in the Today Art Museum in Beijing, the most influential contemporary art museum in China, from July 1 to July 10, 2011. Roughly 20,000 square feet of exhibition space will be set aside, where approximately 1,000 visitors can enjoy his artistic splendor simultaneously