Georges Maman

Of Spanish Decent, Georges Maman was born in Algeria in 1954. He now lives and works in Montreal. At a young age, Maman began painting and drawing. Even while completing his medical degree and later specializing in anesthesiology, Maman never left painting behind. After taking time off to travel, he came to the realization that art was his true passion and decided to devote himself entirely to painting. By intertwining elements or abstraction and figuration, Maman creates what he describes as “City Portraits.” He believes that the space he paints is a city because the term symbolizes unity. He paints portraits of cities, of space, or of groupings of people... The city is the chosen context, it is the pretext of all his paintings. Interestingly the human shape always appears vertically in Maman’s city portraits. He believes that the representation of a man should be in the vertical position to show him in action i an urban context. Maman’s work is part of several public and private collections in France, Belgium, Germany, Canada and the United States.