Jack Bryant Jr.

Jack Bryant, Jr. is a wildlife artist in the truest sense of the word. He was born and raised in a rural area of Texas Jack was immersed in western and wildlife art from an early age, yet his skills are distinctively his own. This unique combination produced in him a love for animals and wildlife, the character of the Western way of life, and a burning desire to accurately portray that spirit in fine art. Jack has been an artist from an early age and his first love is sculpting. He has been a professional sculptor for over 23 years. Jack creates the highest quality bronze sculptures to exacting detail. He researches every part of his subject, even minute details such as the veins in his African Elephant’s ears. Jack knows how to create a wildlife sculpture that lends itself to producing a good mold for use in the production of wildlife art. He is highly skilled in all the various stages of producing an excellent bronze wildlife art sculpture, from the conception of an idea for an art piece, sculpting the piece, making the mold, and casting the bronze sculpture to putting the final patina in the lost wax process. Jack spends a large share of his time sculpting in conjunction with complete supervision of the foundry he now owns, and where he casts his own work, thus ensuring that the artist himself carefully brings each piece to perfection.