Peter Beadle

Peter Beadle was born in 1933 in New Zealand. Following thirty years of refining his skills, Peter Beadle has been acknowledged as a leading New Zealand landscape artist. Beadle has made his work as a tribute to the past and present New Zealand. As Peter says “This is the land of all seasons, burning hot summers, dramatic yellow autumns, biting cold winters, and the soft willow green of spring.” His work is often of his home of Central Otago, but he also includes historical aspects, gold-mining areas, and the rugged mountains of his home. Peter Beadle is represented throughout collections in Lloyds of London, the New Zealand Marketing Board, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and ANZ Bank. Beadle’s oil paintings have been exhibited throughout Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. During the APEC world leaders' visit of 1999, a worker of Peter Beadle’s was presented to the former President, Bill Clinton. Peter Beadle has been honored countless times by the New Zealand government for his services to art and art conservation. Beadle is considered a master of light that can also convey a love of nature through his canvases. While not as widely known, Beadle also paints portraits. He has also published several books.