Amleto Colucci

Amleto Colucci was born in Naples, Italy in 1953. He continues to live and work in this beautiful Italian city, which is one of Italy’s oldest and most artistic locations. Most of all, Naples is one of the top burgeoning cities of contemporary art in Europe at the moment. Artistic talent runs in the family, and Amleto grew up in the company of such noteworthy artists. It was no surprise that Amleto followed in their footsteps. One can always find a portrait of nature in Amleto’s paintings, the mystery of colours and movement of forms. These subjects evoke a timeless quality in his artwork as well as older memories of perhaps bygone times. Amleto specializes in creating fascinating landscapes. These coastal views, woodlands and realistic scenes demonstrate his delicate touch in artfully blending the foreground and background. In the past few years, Amleto Colucci has exhibited in various Italian cities such as Naples, Florence and Vienna as well as abroad in France and the United Kingdom.