John Pototschnik

John Pototschniks artistic influences are diverse, ranging from the Barbizon painters Corot, Daubigny and Millet to the American tonalist, George Inness. The second half of the 1800's contains most of his favorite artists. Much of what he feels he needs to know of the principles of art can be found in the works of the masters from this period. John Describes his paintings, “not flamboyant, mysterious, trendy or shocking. I am interested in depicting the truth about life, as I see it, in a naturalistic way free of frills and bravado. I seek to achieve beauty in my paintings and seem to enjoy work with a subtle narrative. I especially enjoy painting the simple, the common, the ordinary activities and objects of daily life and strive to make the ordinary...extraordinary. I intend for my work to show the dignity and value of these subjects, giving to society paintings that transcend the culture and its ever changing tastes... paintings that speak to the heart.”