Gerard Valtier

Seething with colors, sparkling, blazing, molten gold: the whole mystery of Gerard Valtier’s painting lies in the working of this colorful living chemistry, where the thickening cover of the glaze catches the reflections of the light, which progressively becomes incandescent. The contrasting blue and yellow, basically naturalistic colors - characteristic of the impressionist palette - create a feeling of bedazzlement which send out their own light, directly imitating the natural effects of light itself. Thus, the property of the color, the interaction of colors as well as their power to create some light, definitely are the basis of Valtier’s work. The artist can paint everything: barges along the quay, the busy crowds, Venice and its carnival, the bride and her procession - his whole painting in under the sign of the feast. Unlike Renoir or Cezanne, Valtier does not hesitate to use black as a true color, not one designed to soften or drain the pure color, as in the shadows. One will also appreciate the energetic work of the brush to describe the foliage or the luminous backgrounds irradiated with numerous vibrant colors. Valtier has had exhibitions throughout the world and has received many awards. He paints from his studio in Arles, France. He is listed in Mayers, Akoun, La Cote des Peinteres, Bordas International, and Financial Art.