Bob Rohm

Bob Rohm has been drawing and painting most of his life. He was first introduced to the power of art at the age of ten when a favorite aunt took him to an exhibition of the French Impressionists. In the years that followed his graduation from the York Academy of Arts, he began a career in the film and video production business. Starting as a camera assistant, he quickly advanced to director, then producer and eventually ran his own production company. The long hours and demands of the business became his priority and eventually forced him to stop painting for nearly ten years. Born and raised in the northeast, Rohm’s return to painting was triggered in the early 1980s when he moved to Texas; the broad vistas and vast sky of the southwest opened up before him. There he found a landscape of stark simplicity and solitary beauty. Rohm began to cut back his production business in order to paint part time, and in a few short years became a full-time artist. Rohm’s style reflects his discovery of the southwestern terrain. Each painting goes beyond mere subject matter and is able to take the viewer on that same journey, a little out of the realm of reality. While not all of his paintings have a southwestern theme, they speak the language of his particular style which evolved with his realization of the southwestern image: razor sharp contrasts and vivid colors. Rohm lectures and teaches painting workshops internationally. He is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America, the Au Premier Coup Society and the Knickerbocker Artists, U.S.A. He has exhibited in national and international shows and has won numerous awards. He has been featured in many publications and can be found in corporate and private collections worldwide.